News articles - 2023

Last chance to claim energy support vouchers!

Date: 28 June 2023

The Energy Bills Support Scheme was put in place to give UK households who pay for domestic electricity a £400 discount on their energy bills over the winter months. However, millions of households on traditional prepayment meters have not yet redeemed their vouchers.


The discount was paid out in different ways depending on how you pay for your electricity. Most households paying by direct debit automatically received a discount on their bills in six instalments of £66/67. However, many on prepayment meters are missing out on the discount. They would have received the support in the form of six vouchers and have until Friday 30 June to redeem them.


How can I claim my voucher?

If you have a non-smart prepayment meter, take your vouchers to your Post Office or Paypoint shop. You can add them to your gas or electricity top-up card.


What if a voucher has been lost or has expired?

You can contact your electricity supplier to reissue the vouchers before the deadline. If your provider sent your voucher by post, ask for it to be sent again by email or text message.


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