Changes to your tenancy

Please contact us to tell us if your personal circumstances change - including any disability caused by illness or accident, relationship breakdown or financial difficulty. That way we can make sure that we're giving you all the help we can.

If you wish to make a name change on a tenancy, we would need an official document proving the legal change of name (e.g. marriage certificate).

Changes to your tenancy

What happens if I split up with the person I live with?

If you have a joint tenancy, all tenants named on the agreement have equal rights to access the home, unless a court says otherwise. We cannot remove a name from the tenancy without mutual agreement or a court order.


If you have a sole tenancy (where you are the only person named on the tenancy) you have the right of access to your home. However, depending on circumstances, a person living with you may still have certain rights. For more information, please click here to complete our online enquiry form.