Planned maintenance

Saxon Weald is committed to ensuring that our most valuable assets - your homes are maintained through a continuous programme of home improvement.

When maintenance work is required, we try to cause the least amount of disruption to residents as possible. Here's our three step approach to the process.


Step 1: Telling you about the work

If your home is selected for improvement work, we will write to you between January to March telling you about the work we have planned for the year. If you have not received a letter after this time, then your property has not been included on our improvement list for the coming year. If you do receive a letter, but don't want the work done, this is your chance to tell us.


Step 2: Home visit

We will ask a contractor to visit your property to discuss the proposed works. You can discuss any specific requirements you may have and, where possible, we will offer you a choice in design, colour and finish to the works.


Step 3: Work Confirmation

We will arrange a suitable start date between yourself and the relevant contractors. For larger works, such as replacement roofs, we will confirm the start and expected finish dates in writing.




Do I have to pay for planned maintenance works?

Tenants are not expected to pay directly for planned maintenance works as this is already factored into your rent. If you are a leaseholder, we will consult you prior to undertaking any major works and you will be charged as per the terms of your lease.


Chargeable works:

While tenants don't generally contribute towards any planned maintenance works, we will charge for repairs resulting from wilful damage to the property. Any charges will reflect the actual cost of the work, as well as an administration fee.


As a leaseholder should I expect any planned maintenance works?

Saxon Weald is responsible for all repairs and maintenance of the block, sheds and stores. As such we carry out a programme of planned maintenance to the external elements of your property i.e. roofing, cyclical decoration, windows and communal doors.


Under the terms of your lease, if the proposed planned works or improvements will cost you more than £250, you have the right to be consulted through a section 20 notice.


Who will carry out the works?

Saxon Weald uses a variety of contractors to carry out our planned maintenance programmes. If you are selected for home improvements, we will confirm the contractor in writing prior to any work starting. The contractor will inform you exactly when the works are due to take place.


Will I require household contents insurance?

You are not required to take out household contents insurance while the works are being carried out. However, we do advise that if you have insurance, you notify your insurer of any scaffolding that will be required during the work. Residents will be informed if scaffolding is required.


How will we help you during this process?

During the planned maintenance we will:

  • Provide you with contact information and deal with any questions you may have.
  • Keep you updated - so you always know what going on.


How you can help us?

  • Inform us if you have any medical or other requirements. These should be brought to our attention before the work begins so that we can factor in any necessary adaptations.
  • Keep to the schedule and let us know if you cannot make an arranged appointment.
  • Ensure the work area is clean and clear of obstructions.
  • Make sure that an appropriate adult (aged over the age of 18) is present.
  • Treat our staff and contractors with respect.


When the works are complete.

You will be asked to inspect the property with the attending contractor to ensure that you are satisfied. We will also ask you to answer a satisfaction questionnaire once the work is complete.


Something has gone wrong - who should I contact?

We work hard to make sure our customers receive a good quality service. However, we recognise that, from time to time, instances may arise where customers have reason to complain. You can register a complaint easily by writing to us, sending an email, filling in our web form, calling us or visiting our offices. We will also accept complaints made by an individual or organisation acting on the complainant's behalf, providing they have their authorisation to do so. For more information please download our Complaints Policy.