Universal Credit Managed Migration

What is Universal Credit Managed Migration?

Universal Credit is replacing a number of the ‘legacy’ benefits and customers who are under state pension age and claiming one or more of these are invited to ‘migrate’ and claim Universal Credit instead.


If you are one of these customers, The Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) will send you a ‘Migration Notice’ when it is your turn to move onto Universal Credit. This is a letter notifying you that your legacy benefit entitlement is due to end and inviting you to claim Universal Credit instead.


You don’t need to do anything until you receive your Migration Notice.


If you do receive a Migration notice - don’t ignore it as your tax credits/legacy benefits will end on the ‘deadline date’ which will be detailed on the letter. Please seek advice from our Money Matters Team [email protected] before you make a claim.


From February 2024 Migration Notices will be sent to those in receipt of Tax Credits only, but from April 2024 they will start to be sent to all other Tax Credit claimants and those on Income Support, Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) or just Housing Benefit.



DWP are sending out Information Leaflets on how to prepare to move over to Universal Credit, this is not a Migration Notice. Please wait for your Migration Notice and seek advice before you make a claim to Universal Credit, or you could be financially worse off.


Remember your tax credits/legacy benefits will end on your ‘deadline date’ regardless of whether you claim Universal Credit


Universal Credit is not replacing Housing Benefit for those living in supported housing classed as ‘specified’ accommodation.


For more information about the Managed Migration Process, please read our leaflet here.