Electrical safety checks

It is our legal responsibility to conduct regular electrical maintenance checks to make sure your home is safe.

We need carry out electrical checks to our properties every five years. Our Planning Administration Team will send you details of your electrical maintenance check when it’s scheduled in. It is important that you are present and allow us access to your home to perform the checks, which take up to four hours.


What we must do regarding electrical installation and maintenance:

  • We must ensure the electrical installation and electrical equipment we provide in your property is safe
  • We must ensure your home is free of electrical hazards, including:
    • Exposed wiring
    • Overloaded sockets
    • Poorly installed electrical items


We must minimise fire risks by:

  •  Ensuring residual current devices (RCDs) are fitted
  •  Regularly checking and maintaining the wiring and distribution board


On our visit we will visually inspect the electrics, checking:

  • The electrical intake (where the electricity enters the property, near to the consumer unit/fuse box)
  • The consumer unit/fuse box
  • The main protective bonding, which connects pipework with the electrics
  • Fixtures and fittings (such as light fittings and sockets)
  • Condition of wires and cables


Should your home need any repairs or remedial work, we will make the property safe and book in any additional works needed on a priority-first basis.

Did you know?

10% of all fires in the home are caused by problems with wiring cabling or plugs.


Faulty electrical equipment and sockets cause approximately 70 deaths and 350,000 injuries in UK homes every year (RHA, 2022).


Some advice regarding the electrics in your home


    DIY wiring can lead to electrical parts overheating, which can cause fires, electric shocks and in some cases, death.
    Plugging in too many devices in one socket or using multiple extension leads and multipoint adapters can lead to overheating and fires.
    Cheaper electrical products without a reputable brand name, may not meet safety regulations and increase the risk of fire
    Regular checks are the best way to be sure that your electrical installations are safe. They can also spot potential problems so that they can be resolved before it’s too late.


The best way to ensure the electrical safety in your home is by allowing our qualified electricians to inspect your property.

If you need to rearrange your appointment, please contact us. Email [email protected] or call 01403 226000.