Ending a tenancy

If you're planning to move out, there are a number of things that need to be taken care of before handing back your keys.

Ending a tenancy

Giving the correct notice

Please give us at least 4 weeks' notice in writing, telling us the date you'll be moving out. You can also let us know by visiting your online account, where you can:


  • View all of your associated tenancies
  • Give notice
  • Inform us of your reason for leaving
  • Provide details of your forwarding address
  • View and accept our terms and conditions


Pay outstanding bills and inform the right people

It's important to make sure that your bills and rent are paid up to date. You can check your rent account at any time by logging in to your online account. Alternatively, you can text 'balance' to 07860 024509.


It's your responsibility to inform all relevant organisations of your move, including your telephone company, insurance providers, Council Tax office and Post Office, as well as the DVLA and your gas and electric supplier. Make sure to take any meter readings required before you move out.


Put right any damage

Before you move out, we'll inspect your property to check the condition that it's in, taking fair wear and tear into consideration. We'll then let you know if there's work to be done to get the property back to an acceptable standard.


Failure to carry out necessary repairs could result in charges running into hundreds of pounds.


Get clean, clear and tidy

On leaving your property, please make sure you clear out all of your belongings and leave your home clean, tidy and in good decorative order.


Tenants will be required to repay to us the full cost of any cleaning required, removal needed or damage needing repair within your home.


You can find the full clearing out standards here


Hand back your keys

All keys must be returned to our office by midday on the day after your tenancy ends. If you live in retired housing, your keys must be returned to your scheme manager.


Keys handed back after this time will be charged an additional 1 week's rent.


Find out more about ending your tenancy and see our full list of acceptable standards in the Tenants' Guide.


A guide for our Legal & General Affordable Homes customers can be found here