A lodger is someone who lives with you as though he or she were part of your family. You must ask our permission before taking in a lodger, giving us details of the person and what room they will occupy. We will not usually refuse unless it causes overcrowding. If you receive any welfare benefits, you should check with your local authority if the rent you receive from your lodger will affect your entitlements.


Can I invite someone to live with me, or without him or her being a paying lodger?

Yes, this is normally allowed as long as it does not cause overcrowding and complies with the terms of your tenancy agreement (e.g. meets any age restriction criteria). Please contact us for permission before they move in. As the tenant, you would be responsible for ensuring guests/household members comply with the terms of your tenancy agreement. All lodgers must have the right to rent and will be required to provide proof of this.

What is the difference between having a lodger and sub-letting?

A lodger shares the property with you. They will pay you for food and upkeep. A sub-tenant has part of the property solely for their own use and you need their permission to enter the rooms they occupy.

Can I sub-let my home?
It is a criminal offence to sub-let your home. If we suspect that a tenant has abandoned their home or is sub-letting it, we will issue a legal Notice to Quit. Some leaseholders may be permitted to sub-let their properties. This depends on the type of lease that they have. Please notify Saxon Weald through your online account if you intend to have a lodger living in your home.