Grounds maintenance

The external areas of our blocks and schemes are managed by three separate grounds maintenance contractors: Groundscapes, GreenServe and Grounds Care Group.

Our sites are split into four geographical regions:

• North is covered by Groundscapes
• East is covered by Greenserve
• South is covered by Groundscapes
• West is covered by Grounds Care Group

We also have a separate contractor, Connick Tree Care, who oversee all of our tree maintenance.

Grounds maintenance

What can you expect throughout the year?

A minimum of 26 visits annually, with more if necessary to ensure the grounds remain well kept.


Spring and summer

From April to June, the growing period, you can expect a minimum of fortnightly visits. The key focus during this period will be around grass cutting. However, there will also be work on bordering, shrub bed maintenance, weed treatment and moss removal. General grounds maintenance will also remain a focus to ensure each site remains tidy and presentable.


From July to October, the grass cutting will be adjusted according to the weather and rate of growth. Other areas of maintenance will continue and at no time should sites appear unkept.


Autumn and winter

From October through to March, the autumn/winter period, there is a shift in focus from grass to hedges. Hedges are not cut during summer months due to bird nesting season, so these are picked up later in the year.


The teams will also focus on other tasks throughout this period, such as bordering, shrub bed maintenance, weed treatment and moss removal. They will continue to attend fortnightly.



All communal trees on Saxon Weald land are managed by Connick Tree Care.


In June 2023, Connick started a survey of all trees on communal land. Any trees found to require work will have a quote provided. Work will be raised on a priority basis, focussing on those that pose a health and safety risk first.


If you notice a tree on Saxon Weald land that could be a health and safety risk, please report it to us and we will arrange a survey by a qualified arborist.


It is the resident’s responsibility to maintain trees in their private gardens. However, please contact us if you have a tree in your garden that needs work, and you are unable to do it or arrange the necessary work yourself. Trees that are covered in these cases would be dead, diseased, dangerous, or causing excessive disruption to the enjoyment of your property. We will arrange a survey and any suggested work if necessary.


Getting in touch

If you would like to report anything to us in relation to grounds or tree maintenance, please contact us on:


Telephone: 01403 226000