Mr Clark – ‘They really are number one’

Last summer, we spoke to one of our residents, Mr Clark, about his experience with our Money Matters team. Mr Clark was signed off work by his GP and grew increasingly worried about his financial situation. Unaware of the benefits he was entitled to and the help available, Mr Clark was referred to the Money Matters team. Clare, one of our friendly advisers was on hand to help.


Clare provided Mr Clark with invaluable support over the last two years. Securing a large, backdated disability payment and increasing his weekly benefits are just some of the ways Clare was able to make a difference to his life. Finally feeling supported and in control of his finances again, Mr Clark was kind enough to share his experiences with us…


How did you first get in touch with the Money Matters team?

It was a while ago when I was out of work, back in August 2021. I was feeling run down and I thought everything was against me. No one tells you anything about what you’re entitled to these days and it can be stressful for people like me. I went to see the team and they were fantastic.


What support did you receive from the Money Matters team?

I had a meeting with Clare and she was brilliant. She helped me with my PIP (Personal Independence Payment) and recognised that I could have claimed for a lot more than I had. She helped me with the PIP hearing as my representative as well. I find it hard with the reading side of things, but they’re able to send important letters to Clare as well as me, which is helpful.


Was there anything that stood out to you about the service?

I got a bag full of shopping which surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it. Money Matters bent over backwards for me so I can’t fault them. They’re all just smashing in the office. Not just Clare and the team, but everyone.


I’m happy living where I do, but when I get older I think I’m going to struggle because I haven’t got a car and there’s no shops nearby. I spoke to a housing manager, and they’ve put me on the list for the over 50’s housing, so hopefully I can move when I need to.


How has your life changed since seeking advice?

I didn’t have support before, but since I got back on track I’ve started going back to my local church. The church helps people who are struggling, and I donate a little to support that. I got the help I needed so now I feel that I can pay it forward and help someone else.


What advice would you give to someone else who might be in a similar situation?

Get help for a start. I’d probably tell them to go to citizen’s advice or if they’re with Saxon Weald then go to the Money Matters team. I’d say try not to hide it - things just get worse if you do that and it can be stressful. The team have been really good. They really are number one.