Interpreting services

If English isn't your first or preferred language you can still use our services.

LanguageLine interpreting service

LanguageLine is a private, confidential and free to use telephone and video interpreting service. It connects you to a qualified interpreter in under a minute for most common languages. However, for very rare languages, a pre-booking will be required.


It also offers British Sign Language (BSL) as a video call option.


How to access the service

To access the service, just request an interpreter when speaking to us on the phone.


If you want to request a telephone interpreter by email, please contact us at [email protected]. In the subject line, please enter “LanguageLine” and state which language you require.


If we see you in person, point to the language you require on our card, or say which language you need.


We will then arrange a telephone/video call to support you.


​Please note:

  • You cannot call LanguageLine directly to request an interpreter.
  • The person helping you will call LanguageLine to request an interpreter, who will ensure you are understood.
  • The interpreter will introduce the person helping you.
  • You will then be able to talk directly to the person helping you.