Conditions relating to building permissions

There are some alterations and modifications that we would not usually grant permission for due to safety, security and practicality reasons. For a list of generally acceptable or unacceptable requests please click here.


If you are thinking about making changes to your home, please read our terms and conditions below before making your application.


Permission conditions

  • Saxon Weald shall incur no expense arising either directly or indirectly from the proposed work for the full term of your tenancy at this property
  • In carrying out the works you do not in any way cause damage or disturbance to or weaken or make unsafe the structure of your home or any of your neighbours’ properties or equipment.
  • In carrying out the work you do not compromise the fire safety of your home or your neighbours’ properties.
  • The work is carried out by a competent contractor with adequate public liability insurance.
  • The work is carried out safely in accordance with all relevant Health & Safety Regulations.
  • The work is carried out during normal working hours and all reasonable steps are taken to minimise noise and other nuisance to your neighbours.
  • Any necessary planning permission and building regulations have been obtained
  • Any electrical work must be carried out in accordance with the latest IEE Wiring Regulations to BS 7671.
  • Any work to gas appliances must be carried out by a heating engineer who is a member of the Gas Safe Register and has the appropriate accreditations.
  • Any plumbing work is carried out by a qualified plumber in accordance with the latest water Regulations and local bylaws.
  • Any uPVC or glazing work must be carried out by a FENSA or CERTASS approved installer to ensure the works meet all the building regulations and industry standards.
  • If you wish to install an electric vehicle charging point to your home: the charging point must be connected to your own electricity supply – not a landlord or shared supply.
  • You accept responsibility for all future maintenance and replacement of any part of the proposed work or any future damage caused by it for the term of your tenancy. Any costs incurred by Saxon Weald to rectify and repair damage caused, will be recharged to you.
  • You accept responsibility for any additional costs incurred by Saxon Weald for accessing building elements on the existing property above or underground services below the construction for the purpose of repair, maintenance, replacement or inspection.
  • Saxon Weald will reserve the right to ask you to restore the property to its original condition at your own expense on the termination of your tenancy.
  • Permission is subject to the proviso that we do not receive any complaints from your neighbours or other residents in respect of their homes or any services their homes may receive or any restriction of access to them as a result of the works.
  • Our agreement will be withdrawn automatically if you have not started the work within one year from the date of this letter. You may make a further application if you still wish to proceed with the work.
  • Saxon Weald provides this consent based on the information supplied by the tenant to support their application for landlords’ consent under the terms of their tenancy agreement. The tenant remains responsible for the commissioning and supervision of works, Saxon Weald accepts no liability for the works carried out or any consequential loss arising from the works. Saxon Weald will not, by default, act as a Principal Designer, for the supervision of works, as required under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015). The tenant will appoint, where necessary, any professional services, that will be required to carry out the work safely. The tenant will prove that works will be properly managed and supervised through the provision of certificates and other documentation as required; but by doing so, Saxon Weald will not assume responsibility, upon receipt of those certificates or documents, for the efficacy of those professional services in default.


Once you have carried out the works to your property, you must advise [email protected] of the completion, including photographs and all relevant certification for our records and so we can arrange a post inspection where we deem appropriate.