Paying your charges

Direct debit

If you pay by direct debit, we will automatically amend your payments and let you know the new direct debit amount at least 10 working days before the payment is taken. If you pay in any other way, please adjust your payments from 1 April 2024.


If your charges are raised on a weekly basis, our notice of rent change, or rent and service charge change, includes a figure showing your calendar monthly payment amount.


In most rent and service charge years we calculate your monthly payment amount by multiplying your weekly charges by 52 and dividing this figure by 12 monthly payments.


If you pay by weekly direct debit, we collect payments on a Friday to cover charges starting from the next Monday.


Standing Order

If you pay by Standing Order please adjust your payments to reflect the new charges. If you make a calendar monthly payment the figure you need to pay is shown on your rent and service charge review letter.


Please remember that in accordance with your tenancy agreement, your rent is payable in advance at all times.


Housing Benefit & Universal Credit

If you receive Housing Benefit and this is paid to us by your Council, we will inform them of the new charges and they will tell us what your new entitlement will be. Your housing benefit office will write to you to confirm the details of your new award.


If you receive Housing Benefit and this is paid to you by the Council, you must inform them of the change in your charges.


Your Universal Credit (UC) payments can go up or down if your situation changes. 


You need to tell the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) about some changesThese include rent changes or moving home.


To report the change in your rent you must log into your online journal, and complete the ‘Confirm your housing costs’ to-do action. If you report this change before 01/04/2024 or you don’t report it via the to-do action, the rent change will not be recorded and you could lose out on any additional payment from Universal Credit.


Online services and support

You can check your balance, see statements and make payments online at any time via your online account.


If you are experiencing financial difficulties and finding it hard to cover your rent, please click here for information and assistance you may be entitled to, as well as details of organisations that offer free benefits and debt advice.


We hope the information provided on this page will help to answer any queries you have in relation to your charges. If you have a query that hasn't been answered, please contact us via your online account or by emailing