Amanda – “They made me feel secure in my home”

Saxon Weald tenant, Amanda, was made redundant as a result of the pandemic. When her new job didn’t work out, Amanda was worried that she would also lose her home. After contacting her Housing Manager, she was referred to our Money Matters team where Clare, one of our advisers, was on hand to help.

We asked Amanda to share her experience…

What were you hoping the referral would achieve?

I needed some financial support. I’ve never been on benefits before, so it was all new to me and I had no idea what I was entitled to. I love my flat and I didn’t want to get kicked out, so I just wanted someone who knew what they were doing to help guide me through an unfamiliar situation.


Were these expectations met?

Without a doubt. Clare from the Money Matters team reassured me and made me feel secure in my home. She helped ensure I had the financial support I needed and was entitled to, such as Universal Credit, and everything worked out as planned. Ever since then, I’ve been in contact with Clare if I’ve had any questions. I was only on Universal Credit for a couple of months, but I’ve since got a new job and everything has kind of worked itself out.


What difference has the Money Matters team made to you?

When you’re on your own, there is no one else around to help and support you and it’s a frightening experience. You worry that you’re going to lose your home and through no fault of your own. It was reassuring to have Clare supporting me through a difficult time, and her knowledge and experience really helped me. It was a stressful situation, and everything was changing, but Clare made me feel safe.


Was there anything that stood out to you about the service?

The wealth of knowledge Clare had helped me feel secure in my home. It felt like there was someone on my side, someone who was non-judgmental and didn’t make me feel bad for asking for help. She was just there to support me and made it clear that if I needed anything else, she would be on hand to help me. I know that if I contacted her tomorrow, she would come back to me and help again. She’s brilliant, including the way she spoke to me and approached me from the beginning.


What advice would you give to someone else who might be in a similar situation?

Don’t wait, contact Saxon Weald immediately. I’ve given that advice to others who are going through a similar situation. If you need support, contact the Money Matters team.