Cost of living support

We understand that the rising cost of living will be worrying for everyone. This page contains lots of energy related and financial information, which we hope you find supportive and helpful.

We appreciate that even with this information, many customers will still understandably be worried about their finances. If you’re concerned and would like to speak to someone about your circumstances, please contact our Money Matters team for further advice: [email protected].


Energy advice

The cost of energy bills will continue to have an impact on many household budgets in the coming months. To help ensure you receive as much support as possible, we’ve pulled together some information on the schemes you may be eligible for. Head over to our energy advice page or our Helping Hand Guide to find out more.


Warm spaces

Horsham District Warm Spaces is a project that has been set up by Horsham Matters, following the rising cost of energy prices and the growing cost of living.


Supported by Horsham District Council, Horsham Churches Together and other local partners, the aim is to create warm spaces for those who are struggling to heat their homes over the winter period. Anyone is welcome to attend, and there will be free tea and coffee at most venues. Find out more on their website.


Help with paying your water bills

If you’re struggling to pay your water bills, contact your supplier as soon as you can. Most suppliers can offer help to customers who are under pressure from rising costs. There are various hardship schemes available depending on your supplier, as well as your individual circumstances.


You can find information about the different types of schemes that water companies provide here.


Money matters


Paying your rent

As costs continue to creep up everywhere, we appreciate that it’s hard to know where to prioritise your spending. While there are several schemes available to support outgoings such as your energy bills, there is unfortunately no current support scheme to help you pay your rent.


It’s therefore really important to pay your rent as a priority to avoid falling into arrears. In worst cases, falling into arrears could lead to losing your home.


To stay on top of your payments, we recommend having a direct debit or recurring card payment set up for your payday or benefit day. Please call us on 01403 226000 or email [email protected] to discuss what works for you, based on your income dates.


If you are claiming housing benefit or have a universal credit housing element to help pay your rent, you can ask for the payment to come directly to us. We can make this request too. If you’d like to set this up, let us know and the request can come from both sides.


Difficulty paying rent

If you’re having difficulty paying your rent, it’s worth checking whether you’re entitled to more income/benefits.


Many people who are working may still be eligible for a Universal Credit top up. You can check your eligibility and possible entitlements using one of the many online benefit calculators. We recommend Policy in Practice, where they have a handy budget and benefit calculator:


This calculator also has a great budgeting tool and offers tips on how to reduce your outgoings.


If you have any queries regarding your calculation, our Money Matters team can help you make sure you are claiming all the help and support you are entitled to. For advice or to request an appointment, please email [email protected].



Additional advice and support

Additional free benefit and debt advice is available online at:


Citizens Advice


T: 0800 144 8848


Step Change


T: 0800 138 1111


Pay Plan


T: 0800 280 2816


If you’re worried about becoming homeless, support and advice is available from Crisis at:

Support if you’re struggling financially

If you need a little extra help with monthly expenses such as groceries once your bills have been paid, there is support available to you.


Foodbanks can really help to put a meal on the table when you need it most. In the Horsham District, Horsham Matters can provide emergency food parcels and, depending on supplies, they may also be able to offer you a fuel voucher.


Your Housing Manager or our Money Matters team can also issue food vouchers to residents who need them. To find out more, contact [email protected], [email protected] or call 01403 226000.


If no one is available, please contact Horsham Matters directly on: 0300 124 0204, or email [email protected].


More information on the location of Horsham District Foodbanks can be found on pages 13 and 14 of our Helping Hand Guide.


Household support fund

Most local authorities have been provided with a Household Support Fund to help those most in need. Depending on your eligibility criteria, you may be entitled to food parcels, help with purchasing essential household items, and help to cover utility costs or debts.


In West Sussex, if you are in an emergency situation and have less than three days’ food or medicine, you can call West Sussex Community Hub on 033 022 27980.


Otherwise, please check what support your local council can offer online by visiting:


Saxon Weald's financial support fund

If you are struggling, we may be able to help you and your household with the following through our financial support fund:



We may be able to top up your energy meters if you are experiencing financial hardship. 



We never want you to choose between paying your rent or eating. If you are finding it difficult to pay for shopping due to financial hardship, please let us know.


To find out more about any of the above, please contact the Money Matters Team at [email protected]. We are here to support you.


Helpful apps for your phone

If you have a smart phone, there are a few apps that can help you stretch your budget that little bit further, with discounted or free food, and price comparisons on fuel. Here are a few of the best:


OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses, so extra food can be shared and not thrown away. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge when you go away. For your convenience, OLIO can also be used for non-food household items too. For more information go to or visit the app store on your phone.


TOO GOOD TO GO is another anti-food waste app which lets you rescue delicious, unsold food from businesses to save it from going to waste. For more information go to: or visit the app store on your phone.


PETROL PRICES - there’s no free fuel here, but this helpful app does let you know the prices of fuel in your area so you can find the cheapest! Go to or download the app.


Tips on saving money

Our Helping Hand Guide contains lots more money saving tips, from managing your subscriptions, to saving money on food.


Mental health support

We know that worrying about the cost of living and debt can have a negative impact on mental health. If you’re worried, please don’t suffer alone, there’s lots of support available:


The Mental Health Foundation:




T: 116 123




T: 0300 123 3393