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Introducing TSG, our new gas contractor

Date: 5 July 2023

From 17 July 2023, our HomeFix team will no longer be carrying out gas servicing and repairs in our general needs homes. After this time, annual gas inspections, servicing and repairs will be looked after by our new contractor, TSG Building Services plc. If you live in a retirement or extra care scheme, however, you should continue to report any problems with your heating and hot water to Saxon Weald on [email protected] or 01403 226000.

We know some of our customers will have questions about this change, so we’ve answered a few you may have below.


Who are TSG?

TSG are a family run business who provide a variety of building services to social housing providers, including gas servicing and maintenance.


How should I report a problem?

From 17 July, unless you live in a retirement or extra care scheme, please contact TSG to report any problems with your gas heating or hot water. You can call them directly on 0800 781 2739 or email [email protected].


Why is this change happening?

Problems recruiting and retaining qualified gas engineers have meant that the quality of our service has fallen short in recent months. Our decision to outsource our gas contract was therefore made to ensure you receive the service you deserve and that our properties remain safe to live in.


Will there be any charge to me for TSG’s service?

No, your gas service will remain covered under your tenancy agreement.


What will be covered under TSG’s service?

TSG’s service will cover gas servicing, annual gas inspections, as well as repairs to your gas heating and hot water systems. Please be aware that there may be some crossover with HomeFix in the first few weeks as TSG get up to speed.


How will my gas service improve?

TSG have a much larger pool of gas engineers than Saxon Weald. This means that they can provide a more reliable service. TSG have previously provided short term gas servicing support for Saxon Weald, so we are confident that you will experience:


  • Less appointment cancellations
  • Appointments being available sooner
  • A more reliable and consistent level of service


We hope this has answered any initial queries you may have. However, if you have any further questions or concerns ahead of 17 July 2023, please contact [email protected].

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