Before you ask us to do a repair, make sure you know it's our responsibility. There are some repairs that we expect you to carry out yourself. You can find a list of repairs which are your responsibility in our Tenants’ Repair Responsibilities Guide.


The best way to report a repair online is through our easy-to-use, self-service portal where you can choose a repair slot that suits you and advise us of the type of repair that you require. Alternatively, you can email


You should always phone us if it is an emergency. A list of what constitutes as an emergency can be found on our Priorities page. If you can't speak or hear on the phone, you could contact us using the Relay UK service at who can arrange to read your words and provide a written reply.

Gas boilers and central heating


For general needs homes: for problems with your boiler or central heating, you need to book a repair with TSG, our gas contractors. Email them at: or call 0800 781 2739.


For retirement / extra care schemes: for problems with your heating or hot water please contact or call 01403 226000.


Please note that following your repair, you may be contacted by our auditors, who are employed to quality check a proportion of work carried out by TSG, ensuring the highest standards of gas safety are maintained.


If you have electric heating, please report faults to HomeFix. Call 01403 226000 or email



For advice about condensation, take a look at our condensation, damp or mould page.

HomeFix appointment times

We offer appointments from Monday to Friday during the following time slots:
8.00am - 1.00pm
8.00am - 4.30pm
10.00am - 2.30pm
12 noon - 4.30pm


You can choose an appointment slot that suits you on My Saxon Weald or alternatively rearrange an appointment if the time you have selected is no longer convenient.

We will remind you in advance, by text message, when your appointment is due and when our operative is on their way.