Noise nuisance

Reporting noise nuisance

If you are a Saxon Weald tenant and have been affected by noise you can now gain access to 'The Noise App' that can record incidents and send them straight to us.


You can also report noisy parties and other repeated or constant noise problems to your council's environmental health department. They have access to noise monitoring equipment and also have the legal power to confiscate the equipment responsible for making the noise. If you report a noise problem to the council, please let us know so we have a record of the situation.


The Noise App

You can use The Noise App to capture and send recordings of noise disturbances directly to us using your smart phone. The Noise App is available to download for free on Apple iOS and Android devices.


You can make as many recordings as you need and each recording lasts for up to 30 seconds. Once you've recorded your evidence these are uploaded directly onto a secure website and Saxon Weald housing managers will access the information.


For further instructions on how to use the app please view the video above.


You can read more about The Noise App via their website.