You must ask our permission to keep a pet. We will usually agree, but we expect you to look after them and make sure they don't cause a nuisance to other people or damage property. This includes preventing excessive dog barking and picking up and disposing of dog waste responsibly.


You must not keep more than one dog if you live in a flat or maisonette that does not have direct access to a garden.

What kind of pets are allowed?
We generally only grant permission for domestic pets. We classify domestic pets as:

  • dogs (except those prohibited by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or any other law)
  • cats
  • song birds
  • fish
  • small caged rodents
  • small non-poisonous caged reptiles, amphibians or insects

Please consult us if you want to keep another sort of animal.

Retirement / extra care housing
If you live in retirement or extra care housing and would like to keep a pet, please speak to your scheme manager. They will consider requests based on individual circumstances.


Legal & General Affordable Homes

If you are a customer through Legal & General Affordable Homes, a different pet policy applies. If you live in a flat with a communal entrance, you are not allowed to keep a cat or dog. If your property has its own external front door, you may be allowed a pet. Please contact us for details.

Looking after your pets
Unfortunately, pets are a common cause of complaints. You must look after them and make sure that they don't cause a nuisance or damage property and the surrounding area. If they do cause problems, this could be deemed a breach of your tenancy agreement. In these circumstances, we may ask you to find a new home for your pet or take legal action for breach of tenancy.

You are personally responsible for the control of your pet and for any damage it causes in your own home and garden, and in any communal areas. Any dog must be on a lead in communal areas at all times.

Your pet must not foul in any communal areas, inside or out. If this happens, you must clear it completely and deal with any staining it may cause. If your pet fouls in your garden, you are responsible for keeping it clear of waste. It is unacceptable to leave it, even in your private garden, as it is unsafe, and unpleasant for neighbours.


Apply now

You can apply to keep a pet in your home through your My SaxonWeald account. Please note, if we grant permission for your pet, we require you to send us a photo of the animal for identification purposes should problems arise.