You talked, we listened

You talked, we listened

Grounds maintenance

Negative customer feedback on grounds maintenance has led to a major change in how we run this service. Instead of one contractor covering everything, from 2 May 2023 we now have four contract areas and a tree contract. This makes each area more manageable, which has opened up the work to smaller businesses who can take a more local approach. We'll be monitoring progress closely.


More notice of repairs appointments

We used to send you confirmation of your repairs appointment when you booked the work, with a reminder 24 hours before we were due to attend. Customer feedback told us that it would be helpful to have more notice on the reminder, in case you'd forgotten and needed to rearrange other things. We now send two reminders - one three days before and one 24 hours before the appointment. 


Be more visible

Customer surveys showed that you were keen to see more of Saxon Weald staff out and about in your neighbourhoods. In response, we planned a series of roadshows, visiting different areas to offer advice and give practical support, all complemented with free refreshments and competitions. Since October, we have visited 19 different locations.


Retirement housing review

We asked customers living in retirement housing to give us their views on our management service. This took the form of a survey followed by meetings at each scheme. Some of the outcomes include:

  • A charter being developed for each scheme giving residents information on the service levels they can expect, for example, how often cleaning is done.

  • Ensuring scheme managers are at their schemes as much as possible.

  • Establishing a regular programme of scheme meetings.

  • Changing the way we calculate service charges to make it fairer for those living in properties connected to the scheme as opposed to being in the main scheme building.