You talked, we listened

You talked, we listened

Retirement housing review

We asked customers living in retirement housing to give us their views on our management service. This took the form of a survey followed by meetings at each scheme. Some of the outcomes include:

  • A charter being developed for each scheme giving residents information on the service levels they can expect, for example, how often cleaning is done.

  • Ensuring scheme managers are at their schemes as much as possible.

  • Establishing a regular programme of scheme meetings.

  • Changing the way we calculate service charges to make it fairer for those living in properties connected to the scheme as opposed to being in the main scheme building.


Domestic violence policy review

In November 2021, two customers helped us to review our domestic violence policy. They felt we needed to elaborate more on the Domestic Abuse Act and the support and action available for survivors to take against perpetrators. They highlighted that ongoing support should be provided by Saxon Weald to survivors even once the survivor has been moved. At their request, we have also included information about gaslighting in the policy; this being “a form of emotional abuse, which involves psychologically manipulating someone to make them doubt their own sanity”.


Corporate plan consultation

In March 2021, we asked residents for their views on their homes and services, to help us set the priorities for our three-year corporate plan. This took the form of a survey followed up with some in-depth phone interviews. We had an incredible 1375 responses, giving us brilliant information for our plan. Customers told us their homes generally meet their needs, but they would like us to spend more money on planned improvements, especially heating upgrades and window replacements. Customers also said they thought we should be more visible in our neighbourhoods. For more information on the results, please click here.


Grounds maintenance

Based on customer feedback and evidence that the service is below what we aim to achieve, we have made the decision to terminate the current grounds maintenance contract. We will be adopting a new approach by splitting our sites into four geographical regions/lots, with the potential for a different contractor covering each. We hope this approach will make our areas more manageable, thus improving the service for customers.


Review of our scheme manager service

We are currently carrying out a review of our scheme manager service in our retirement housing, to see if we are meeting customer expectations. We have started with an email survey and plan to follow this up with phone interviews. Results and actions will be shared later in the summer.


Review of our lettable standard

We carried out in-depth telephone interviews in November 2020 with 19 customers who had recently moved into one of our homes. Using their feedback, we have been carrying out a trial of a new standard for new homes, with more emphasis on cleaning, flooring and painting. So far, the results have been promising, leading to increased customer satisfaction.


Responsive Repairs Deep Dive Project

In May 2022, we started on a journey, investigating the way our repairs service runs and whether it meets the expectations of our customers. We carried out customer interviews, looked deeply into our processes and systems and consulted with Saxon Weald staff to gather their thoughts and ideas.


The project is still underway and an update will be published when we have full conclusions. 


Carbon Net Zero

The government has legislated for the UK to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Two midway targets have been set, including a reduction of carbon emissions by 68% come 2030 and a 78% reduction by 2035 (compared to 1990 levels).


Our homes, by far, are the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint. 98% of our annual carbon emission is generated by heating, lighting and other energy uses.


We’ve looked closely at how we can improve the efficiency of our existing homes. In spring 2022, we ran a pilot programme on some properties in Pulborough. We replaced the windows and doors and installed solar panels and external wall insulation. These changes will assist in keeping homes warm and reducing our carbon footprint, whilst also helping to bring down the cost of fuel bills.