We understand that it can be frustrating for residents living in a neighbourhood with limited parking. It's therefore important for residents to park considerately and be mindful not to block access to neighbours' properties.

Allocated parking spaces

Please be aware that we will only get involved in parking space disputes if someone is using the space allocated to your property. In this instance, please contact us with further information.


Parking on public roads

Please note, we cannot take action against residents parking inappropriately on land not belonging to us. Queries and parking issues not on our land should be reported to your local council who may be able to assist.


Implementing parking control

In the event severe problems arise with parking in one of our neighbourhoods, we will consult with residents about setting up parking control. This is where a parking contractor issues permits and patrols the area, issuing fines where necessary. We will not usually get involved with parking disputes between individuals.


Car Parking Management (CPM)

CPM patrol and enforce parking restrictions under our instructions in certain areas.


Parking tickets

If you receive a parking ticket and wish to dispute this, you must contact CPM directly on 0845 463 5050 or by emailing [email protected].


Parking permits

First time or replacement parking permits can be ordered via UK CPM directly on 0845 463 5050. You can also email UK CPM at the following address: [email protected] or

[email protected]. Replacement permits cost £5 each.


Temporary permits (if you need one for a courtesy car) can also be ordered by emailing the UK CPM permit team. Make sure to have your vehicle registration number to hand.


If your area operates a visitor permit scheme, generally your visitor booklet will be issued every quarter, however, you can also order new visitor booklets by emailing [email protected].


Parking restrictions

If you are unsure if there is a parking restriction in your area, please contact us on 01403 226000.


Getting consent for certain vehicle types

You will need our written consent to keep any of the following vehicles at our properties:

  • Heavy goods
  • Public service
  • Trade or commercial
  • Caravans
  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • Or similar


Abandoned or untaxed vehicles

You must not park any untaxed vehicle on our land. Vehicles that are dumped, untaxed, causing a nuisance, obstruction or safety risk in our neighbourhoods must be removed. Any vehicle not removed on request will be removed by us, and any associated costs including removal, storage or destruction of the vehicle will be charged to the owner. 


If you spot an abandoned vehicle in your neighbourhood, please report it to the police via Operation Crackdown at