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Think before you pour

Date: 20 November 2020

Did you know that fats, oils and grease are often the main cause of blocked sinks, gulleys and drains? Although they may seem like liquid when poured away, these substances can quickly harden and clog your drains. This can also result in blockages in your pipes, which can back up and overflow into your home or garden.


Help keep your pipes flowing as they should by: 


  • Scraping leftovers into the bin and wiping plates before washing them
  • Collecting used oil and grease into a suitable can or pot after cooking and allowing it to harden before throwing it in the bin
  • Using strainers in sink plug holes and emptying any bits caught into a suitable bin
  • Taking large quantities of used cooking oils to an approved recycling centre to dispose of it


Please be aware that blockages we attend to that are caused by misuse may be recharged to you.


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