Save water while saving money

Date: 25 April 2024

Saxon Weald is working in partnership with water services company, Cenergist, to help customers cut water and energy bills, while helping the environment.

Cenergist will soon be sending out letters and visiting neighbourhoods to offer residents a free water check. All Cenergist employees will carry ID, so please ask to check it. After the check, where appropriate, they will offer to fit a water saving device to the pipework.
The devices work by regulating the flow of water. This helps to reduce wastage and also helps gas boilers to work more efficiently. Recent cases have shown annual household savings of up to £93 on water and £270 on gas.
The water savings are also important for the environment. Current predictions are that demand for drinking water in the southeast will exceed supply by 2030. This makes our area ‘seriously water stressed’, despite all the recent rain!
If you have any questions, you can contact Cenergist direct on 0191 222 3325 or email

Alternatively, click this link to see frequently asked questions.