Maximising tenant benefits from heating upgrades

Date: 1 August 2017

Maximising tenant benefits from heating upgrades

Saxon Weald is committed to ensuring that our most valuable assets - your homes - are maintained through a continuous programme of home improvements.


In 2017/18 our programme of upgrades includes:


· 186 new boilers/heating

· 191 kitchens and bathrooms

· 79 roofing projects

· 73 new windows & doors

· 19 blocks - communal & external decoration/repairs


So as we are approaching the end of quarter one I decided to catch up with Rob Turley, Saxon Weald Compliance and Servicing Manager who manages the installation of new boilers and heating systems to find out how things are going.


How many new boilers and heating systems have you fitted to date?

All of the work on the programme is done by our in-house HomeFix team and we are very pleased with our progress to date as approximately a quarter of the planned installs have been completed so far.


How often do you replace the boilers/heating systems?

We aim to replace boilers every 15 - 20 years.


What are the benefits to residents of these upgrades?

We replace boilers and update heating systems to make sure homes are warm and energy efficient. This helps reduce their energy bills and reduces CO2 emissions, so it's good for the environment. It also helps reduce our maintenance costs as the new boilers tend to need less attention.


Which brand of boilers do you install?

We currently install Worcester Bosch boilers as these are a market leader for reliability and customer service. These boilers also come with a seven year guarantee, so if you have had one installed recently, faults should be reported to Worcester Bosch directly on 0330 1233366.


What has been the feedback from the residents?

When installation work is required, we try to cause the least amount of disruption to residents as possible and the final outcome is usually beneficial. This testimonial is typical of resident feedback that we get after installation.


"We are very pleased with our new boiler. It is easy to operate and the running costs are significantly less than our old boiler system. All in all very happy."


Next month we will find out how the new kitchen and bathroom installations are going.