Changes to the allpay Mobile APP

Date: 14 July 2017

Changes to the allpay Mobile APP

Allpay will be upgrading their mobile application (App) on Monday 17th July with increased functionality.


As a result of this upgrade, customers will need to download the new version of the app in order to continue using the app. The new version will be available from 7:00am on Monday 17th July.


Should customers continue to experience difficulties after downloading the new version of the app, please


Please note that following the update, the app will only be supported by the following operating system (OS) versions;


· IOS 5 and above

· Windows 8.1 and above

· Android 4.2.1 and above

What happens if my app doesn't work after 7am on Monday 17th July?


Please ensure that your mobile device's OS meets the minimum requirement listed above. If your device is running a supported OS and the app does not work then please access your device's application store (Apple store if on an Apple device, Google Play store on Android devices and Windows store on Windows devices) and search 'allpay'. Once you have selected the allpay app within the relevant store you will see an 'Update' button. Select this button to update your app to the latest version.

I have updated my app but it is still not working?


If you have followed the steps specified but are still experiencing issues then please contact allpay's Client Care team via email


Can I pay by another method if my app is still not working?


If you are experiencing difficulty after upgrading your app and you need to make a payment, please where you can login using the same email address and password combination that you would through the app. Once logged in, you will have access to the Payment Reference Numbers and credit/debit card details that you have previously saved through the app.


You can pay rent and check your rent account with our self-service portal "MySaxonWeald".


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