Consultation information and FAQs

In July 2019 Saxon Weald sent out section 20 consultation letters to residents regarding the renewal of our cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts. We took your feedback on board and have now moved to the second stage of the consultation process.

Consultation information and FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Why are you sending me these Notices?

We need to send you these Notices in order to comply with the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 which details how we should comply with our statutory obligations to consult with service charge payers. We are sending these Notices to every leaseholder because potentially you may be affected by these agreements.


How have you selected the contractor?

Preparation for tendering and the evaluation process has been taking place since May 2019. In September 2019 tenderers were invited to submit bids on the Procure Plus procurement portal in accordance with the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).


Once the tender dates expired, we carried out a detailed evaluation of the tenders received and were able to select a number of contractors to move forward with. In addition to cost proposals, tenderers were asked to respond to questions to provide more details on how they propose to carry out the work and provide an excellent service to our residents.


How with performance be measured?

Saxon Weald has detailed a range of measures within the proposed contract to ensure that the services meet the quality specified in the tender.


This will include resident satisfaction surveys which are key to evaluating the quality of work being carried out.


What will happen next?

Once this stage of the consultation process is complete, we can officially award the contract and ensure that we are in a position to continue to maintain communal cleaning and grounds maintenance services.


Can I involved?

Yes - residents who'd like to get involved will need to provide their feedback in writing. Please email