The reality of hoarding - and how we can help

Date: 20 February 2018

The reality of hoarding - and how we can help

At Saxon Weald, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be independent and make the most of their lives. Our floating support service provides the right amount of support to help people get back on their feet and live the life they want.


The team had a challenging case recently when they were asked to help a concerned family who thought a relative was hoarding.  The tenant in question had trouble throwing things away, fearing she may one day need the discarded item. Consequently the house was full of clutter and in a general state of disarray.  She was in denial about her condition and reluctant to seek help as she was ashamed of how she was living.


A hoarding disorder like this can be very challenging to treat as those suffering from the condition often don’t see it as a problem, or are in denial about how the high levels of clutter are impacting their life and the lives of others.  Without treatment, sufferers may experience social isolation, mental health issues and other problems associated with living in unhealthy and dangerous conditions.


Our friendly advisors helped the client to talk about the problem and begin to understand why they collect and how they could begin the process of de-cluttering. The team were then able to create a plan to tackle the hoarding and cleaning issues. 


Our free services can help in a number of different ways including de-cluttering your home, managing your money, dealing with paperwork, housing advice or just simply putting you in touch with other organisations that can help.  So do get in touch if you think we could help. You must be a Saxon Weald resident, aged over 60 and live in the Horsham district to qualify.  


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