Taking the leap

Abby and Adam were keen to get themselves on the property ladder. When Adam came into some inheritance, they decided to put it towards a deposit for a home, which led them to explore the option of shared ownership. They’d seen a two bedroom flat they really liked at our Cresswell Park development in Angmering. After an encouraging conversation with Abby’s mum, they decided to take the plunge.

Taking the leap

We asked Abby to share her experience…


What was it about Cresswell Park that appealed to you?

We wanted to move into a different area, more rural and somewhere a little quieter, so the development was perfect for us.


How did you find the move into your new home?

We faced some problems due to the pandemic, which caused things to slow down. But it was one of those things that couldn’t have been helped and it was worth the wait. We really love the area, it’s so quiet and everyone around us is lovely. It’s nice to know that when we start a family here it feels safe.


The people around us have made it feel like a home.


What did Weald Living do to make the move as smooth as possible? Was there anything that stood out to you in particular?

Alice from the sales team was so helpful and made sure to keep us in the loop the entire time. We felt supported by her throughout the whole process. Even when she wasn’t there, she made sure that we had someone to contact if we needed to get in touch.

The level of support she provided was really appreciated and the service gave us peace of mind that we were in safe hands.


How did you feel when you first got the keys to your new home?

We were just over the moon! My husband in particular because he was so wary of buying our first home and taking the plunge. It took a little convincing for him to say yes because he was thinking about all the costs involved and being more cautious. But to see how happy he was, it was just amazing, and he was so pleased to be able to move out of our previous flat.


How does your home now compare to when you first saw it?

When you look at the property and it’s empty you think about how much room there’ll be once we’ve added all our stuff and if it will be as spacious. But once we moved everything in, I was surprised by the amount of space we had left. If anything, it’s gone beyond our expectations!


Our home has been all we hoped and dreamed it would be.


What advice would you give to someone else looking to buy a shared ownership home?

Just do it! It’s the best way for people to get on the property ladder. If someone has the savings and thinks they can do it, they should just go for it, absolutely.