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What home means to me

Date: 23 February 2021

A big thank you to all our residents who took part in our 20th anniversary photo competition.

What home means to me

We had some wonderful submissions and we’re delighted to announce Mrs Cook from Henfield as our winner, for capturing and sharing the important role her home has played over the past year.


“My home is our safe place, where we enjoy our ‘retired’ life. This past year it has been the sanctuary we needed. We are lucky to have a garden to grow a few vegetables while tending borders, and our lawn has kept us so busy that the year has flown by. Plus, our lovely rose bushes have bloomed not once but twice this year! With birthdays and anniversaries marking another year gone by and Christmas just around the corner, let's celebrate, toasting one's health while remembering those not here. We are thankful to ‘frontline folk and key workers’ that we enjoy our home in Henfield.”


Mrs Cook took the photo last March when she and her husband were celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary. Their plans of going out for a nice meal were cancelled due to the pandemic, so they celebrated with a quiet night in instead.


We wish them many more years of happiness to come!

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