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Nine new affordable homes for Horsham

Date: 8 July 2022

We're delighted to share that we recently opened our second redevelopment site of the year in Horsham.

Nine new affordable homes for Horsham

Replacing an outdated block of garages on Blenheim Road, Rowhook Court now consists of nine homes for affordable rent. This includes six, two-bedroom flats and three, one-bedroom flats.


Built by contractor, Sunninghill, the scheme was largely grant funded by Horsham District Council and Homes England to the tune of £800,000. Local council representatives, members of Horsham District Council and Saxon Weald staff gathered at the site recently to celebrate the success of the scheme.


Saxon Weald’s Chief Executive, Steven Dennis, said:

“The current cost of living is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on many households; particularly those with lower incomes. It’s therefore more important than ever for us to deliver more affordable homes, and I’m delighted that Rowhook Court is a great example of this”.


Rowhook Court is part of a wider Saxon Weald project to reduce Horsham’s housing waiting list and deliver 141 new homes by 2026. With the potential to house nearly 500 people, the new homes will be built across 89 garage sites; redeveloping land that we already own. These properties also aim to meet government targets for sustainability and carbon neutrality.


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