Fire safety in hot, dry weather

Date: 11 August 2022

All of us are experiencing the very hot weather at present. While many people are enjoying a sunny summer, the high temperatures and very dry grounds are less enjoyable for others; especially the fire brigade who are facing an increased number of fires.


As heat dries out the vegetation around our homes and in the community, the risk of both fire ignition and fire spread is increased.


To help prevent fires and keep yourself, your family and your neighbours safe:


  1. Dispose of cigarettes appropriately in suitable ashtrays or stub them out in water or sand.


  1. When using BBQs, ensure they are safely away from fences, vegetation, or other items that could easily ignite.


  1. Avoid using disposable BBQs on dry ground to prevent it from catching fire and spreading.


  1. Allow BBQ ashes to completely cool and then dispose of them in metal containers.


  1. Avoid parking vehicles in dry, weedy areas. The temperature of vehicle exhaust components can easily ignite dry grass and weeds.


  1. Correctly and regularly dispose of rubbish, including cardboard and garden waste which can easily ignite and help a fire to spread more quickly through your home. Keep ignition sources away from these materials too.