Dealing with mould, damp and condensation

Date: 24 November 2022

We are deeply saddened by the tragic news of the death of two-year old Awaab Ishak following exposure to mould in his home. We want to reassure our customers, staff and stakeholders that we take issues with damp, mould and condensation extremely seriously. All reports of these problems are followed up with an inspection by our property surveying team. The appointed surveyor then recommends a suitable course of action, being mindful of the distress and frustration these issues cause for customers.


All customer-facing staff have been asked to be alert for mould and damp issues when visiting customers in their homes and to report these directly. Any customer, or their advocate, who spots mould in their home, or who is concerned about damp or excessive condensation, should email or call us on 01403 226000.