News articles - 2021

Cracking down on tenancy fraud

Date: 6 October 2021

Tenancy fraud is a serious crime, which is not only unethical, but also prevents those who really need housing from accessing it, especially in social and affordable housing. We recently reached the end of an eviction process that started over two years ago, which identified and overcame a case of tenancy fraud.

We received reports that one of our tenants had moved out of her property and allowed her son to move in instead. We worked closely with Crawley Borough Council’s fraud team to investigate the reports further, and thanks to the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act, the council were able to access the relevant information needed to prove our tenant was no longer living in the property.


While we never take pleasure in carrying out evictions, the outcome of this case has enabled us to take back access to our property and provide an affordable home to someone who really needs it. It’s also an example of the fantastic work our local authority partners do, and what we can achieve by working together.

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