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Coronavirus - social distancing and looking out for your neighbours

Date: 6 April 2020

During this uncertain time, it's more important than ever to be considerate of those around us and neighbourly towards one another.

Being mindful of others in communal areas


While we understand that children need to let off steam, parents should ensure their children are properly supervised in communal areas. Please be mindful of your neighbours by keeping noise down and not playing too close to communal items, such as washing lines, which could get damaged.


At the same time, we also ask residents to show a little extra tolerance. More people will be home during the day than usual, which will inevitably result in increased noise levels.


These are exceptional circumstances, so it's important to be understanding and respectful towards each other.


Social distancing


We've recently been contacted by several residents who are concerned about people not complying with social distancing.


Please be aware that while we hope all our residents are following the government's guidelines, Saxon Weald are not able to manage people who ignore them.


The government has advised that the Police have the authority to enforce social distancing where necessary, and members of the public who don't adhere to the guidelines could face hefty fines.


More information can be found on the Sussex Police website.

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