Housing benefit


Most of our tenants under pensionable age will be required to make a claim for Universal Credit. If you are not eligible for Universal Credit, you may be entitled to housing benefit.


The housing benefit scheme is meant to ensure that people have sufficient income to afford the rent on a reasonably priced home. If you are on a low income, you may be able to get housing benefit.


To claim

To claim, you will need to fill in a housing support claim form. Forms and additional information can be found at your local Revenue and Benefits office, or via one of the following links:


Click here if you live in Mid-Sussex

Click here if you live in Horsham

Click here if you live in Adur


You should claim as soon as you think you may be entitled as there are strict rules about the time limits for submitting claims.



Housing benefit claims can only be backdated for one month for working age claimants, or three months for those of pensionable age.


Help making a claim

If you would like help to make a claim, please ask to make an appointment with one of our Money Matters Advisors by emailing moneymatters@saxonweald.com or calling 01403 226000.


Change in circumstances

If your circumstances change, you must report this immediately as it can affect your benefit entitlement.


Check your possible entitlements by using the benefits calculator to see if you're missing out on financial help. 


Discretionary housing payments

These are special payments to help you if the housing benefit payments you get are not enough to pay your rent. The scheme is meant to help you with short term emergencies and the amount of support available is limited.



There are no set criteria and each application is treated on its own merits. However, they will consider:

  • the amount of benefit you get and the amount you have to pay
  • efforts you have made to reduce your rent
  • your financial and medical circumstances and those of anyone living with you
  • your income and expenditure and that of anyone living with you
  • if you have any exceptional circumstances


How to apply

You can apply online or contact your local Revenue and Benefits Office for an application form or further advice.