Working from home

Whether you want to run your own private business or to work for an employer from your home, you need our written permission before you start. Please complete the application form below.

Working from home

We are likely to give permission provided that your business or work does not breach your tenancy agreement, any legislation, or cause nuisance to anyone living near you. Businesses that are likely to be approved include childminding or using a proportion of your home as an office. We will not give permission for businesses that involve the sale of goods or services which cause disturbance or undue concern to neighbours.


For example:

  • Businesses that require you to use your property to host an event
  • Sales of products that may cause offence to others
  • Repair of motor vehicles
  • Cold calling/doorstep selling
  • Animal breeding / Running kennels
  • Taxi firms
  • Work that involves the use of/storing of hazardous materials. For example, aerosols, spray paint or flammable gas bottles

If you receive Saxon Weald's permission to run a business from your home, it will be your responsibility to get formal planning permission or building regulations approval from your local authority, or any other necessary permission before your business activity starts.

Important: It is a breach of your tenancy agreement to run a business from your home without our written consent. If you are already running an unauthorised business from your home you must apply for permission immediately.

Can Saxon Weald withdraw permission?
If your work or business breaks planning laws, we will ask you to stop or change your business. If your business becomes a nuisance to those living near you, we will ask you either to take steps to prevent the nuisance or to stop or change the business. If you ignore this request, we will have to take action against you for breaking the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement.

Privacy notice: We are collecting your information in order for you to ask for permission to run your own business from your home. For more information on how we handle your data, go to

Running a business from home


Email address*




What business would you like to run from your home?*

Registration number if applicable, e.g. registered childminder*

What will be the operating hours of the business e.g. 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday*

How many people will you employ (excluding yourself)?*

Do you need to make any changes to your home to accommodate the business?*



Would any machinery be involved in the running of the business?*



Will you be operating any vehicles from home?*



Will you need to store any equipment or substances?*



I declare the information I have given is a true representation of the business I wish to run from my home. I agree to conduct my business, if granted permission, within the terms of my tenancy agreement and any conditions stipulated by Saxon Weald in the granting of that permission.

I agree to notify Saxon Weald if the information provided in my application should change.

I am aware that Saxon Weald reserves the right to withdraw permission at any time.


Thank you

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