• I got a parking ticket in a Saxon Weald car park and I think it's unfair. Will you give me a refund?
  • Any disputes about parking tickets must be dealt with by the management company CPM. You can call them on 0845 463 5050 or email info@uk-carparkmanagement.co.uk

  • My neighbour keeps parking in my space. Can you do something about it please?
  • If the space is actually allocated to your property, please contact us with details. However, if the space is just the one that you usually / prefer to use, then we are sorry but we are unable to help.

  • How can I make a complaint?
  • Please use the form on our contact us page to tell us about the problem. Give as much detail as possible, including how you would like the problem resolved. We will try to deal with the problem quickly and fairly. More information on our complaints procedure can be found in our tenants' guide or click here to see our full policy.

  • My friend / relative has died. What do I need to do in relation to their property?
  • Please call us on 01403 226000 so the necessary arrangements can be put in place. Some useful information can be found on pages 36-37 of our tenants' guide.

  • The communal hall and stairs is really dirty. When will it be cleaned?
  • This depends on where you live. Some blocks of flats have a cleaning contract in place and we can chase up the cleaners. In other places, it is the shared responsibility of all the residents to keep the communal spaces clean and tidy. If this is not happening, please let us know and we may impose a cleaning contract which everyone will need to pay towards via a service charge. Call or please click here to complete our online enquiry form.


  • Can I put in a cat flap?
  • Usually, but you need to get our written permission first. You can apply using the form here.

    Please be aware that we would expect you to remove the flap and restore the door to its original condition when you leave the property.

  • When will my kitchen / bathroom be modernised?
  • This will depend on the condition and age of the kitchen / bathroom. Send your details to info@saxonweald.com and we'll check the situation with our property surveying team.

  • I think I've found some asbestos in my loft. What should I do?
  • Asbestos is safe if it is in good condition and is left undisturbed. If it is damaged or you have moved it, please click here to complete our online enquiry form and we will get it checked.

  • I think my neighbours have abandoned their property as I've not seen anyone there for weeks. Who should I tell?
  • Please call us on 01403 226000 or email info@saxonweald.com giving us as much detail as you can about why you are concerned and when you last saw them.

  • I need some adaptations to my home to make it easier for me to manage. Can you help?
  • See our page on aids and adaptations here.

  • How much rent do I owe?
  • You can check your rent balance at any time by logging in to your My Saxon Weald account here Or text 'balance' to 07860 024509 and you will receive a text back with the balance of your account, and the value and date of the last payment made. For the service to work, we must have your mobile number on our records.


    Please note that we are unable to receive calls on this number


    If you haven't given us your number, or it has recently changed, or to arrange for us to send you a statement click here to complete our online enquiry form.