Consultation information and FAQs

Saxon Weald have recently sent out section 20 consultation letters to residents regarding the renewal of our catering contracts. To ensure residents are fully aware of the process and possible outcomes, we have addressed a number of FAQs.

Consultation information and FAQs

Do we have to pay for the catering?

All tenants living in a scheme where catering is provided have to pay as a condition of their tenancy agreement. For leaseholders, the service is optional however catering overhead charges are included in your service charges.


Will we get a good variety of meals?

Saxon Weald will produce a 'service specification' which will list what we expect and require of our suppliers. Residents will have the opportunity to see this and share their comments. At the moment, we propose that residents get at least the variety that they get now.


Will this cost residents more money?

The costs will be shown in your service charges from April 2020 and we will inform you about these later in the year. Given the increase in cost of food and salaries, we do expect costs to increase.


How do you know that the quality of our meals will be right?

To ensure high quality and good value for money, we'll ask suppliers for examples of their work with other customers. We'll also ask for references and put a number of measures in place to make sure that the quality of work is checked regularly. These will include:


  • Making sure the supplier quickly deals with feedback from our residents and leaseholders

  • Regular meetings with their managers

  • On-site visits by Saxon Weald staff and residents to check the quality for ourselves


Will it be the same company?

This depends on whether suppliers decide to put in a price for the contract. If they do, they'll be considered alongside other suppliers.


My friend's family run a good catering business - can they put in a price?

Any company that wants to put in a price will need to do this through the European Procurement Rules, and first of all, satisfy Saxon Weald that they are financially sound, have the right insurances in place and a good record on health and safety.


If we are happy that they do, then they can put in a price just like anyone else. Residents are not able to nominate a supplier in this instance.


I really like my cook - what will happen to their job?

This depends on which supplier gets the new contract. Some staff may have the right to transfer to a new employer.


Can I get involved?

Yes - residents who'd like to get involved will need to provide their feedback in writing by emailing Scheme Managers will also have survey forms and will be able to support you in filling theses in if needed.

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