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Universal Credit - Live chat Q & A

Date: 5 December 2017

Universal Credit - Live chat Q & A

What is UC?


Universal Credit (UC) is a single monthly payment, paid in arrears, for working age claimants, in or out of work and under pension credit age.   It is paid directly into a bank account.


When is Universal Credit happening in this area?


Universal Credit will be rolled out in this area from June/July 2018 and everyone who claims benefits will be transferred to the new scheme.


 What do I need to do to get ready for Universal Credit?


Set up a Bank Account

Get Online

Manage your budget on a monthly basis.


 How do I make a claim?


You need to apply for Universal Credit online.


GetOnline@Home offer affordable and internet ready computers if you're in receipt of eligible benefits.   

If you don’t have a computer at home, you can try accessing one free of charge at:



 How will I be paid?


You will be paid monthly in arrears and this will include an amount for your rent,  

So you will need a bank or building society account, so make sure you can pay your rent and other bills from this account.


You can use budget planners to help you work out how much money you’ll have each month and keep track of where you’ll spend it.


The money advice service and shelter both have budget calculators that could help.


 Will this affect me as I am currently in receipt of housing benefit?


No, not unless there is a change in your circumstances e.g. you are currently unemployed and about to start work.  Instead of making a claim to working tax credit (WTC) you will now be required to make a claim to UC.


 My housing benefit is now paid directly to Saxon Weald will this be the same if I am receiving UC?


One of the biggest changes for those on UC will be that they need to pay their rent directly to their landlord – for some this may be the first time you have had to do this. The easiest way to make sure your rent is paid on time would be to set up an automatic payment on the day you receive your UC – either as a standing order or Direct Debit.


 If you have difficulty paying your rent yourself you can ask UC to pay it directly to your Landlord e.g. Saxon Weald,


 Is Council Tax Support included with UC?


Universal Credit does not include Council Tax Reduction; you must apply for this separately through your local Revenue and Benefit Office. You can apply for a council tax reduction online.



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