Corporate strategy

Our corporate strategy sets out what we stand for, where we came from and where we are headed for the period 2018-2020.

Corporate strategy

Our strategic aims are:

  • To deliver excellent customer service;
  • To grow in the south-east through the delivery of quality homes;
  • To maintain a vibrant workforce and a dynamic, challenging but fun place to work;
  • To continue to develop our role as a leader in older people's housing;
  • To remain independent and financially strong.


Our strategic objectives are the steps we will take to achieve our aims.


We have eight strategic objectives:

  1. A top performer in customer service. Using CRM effectively and investing in systems, technology and training.
  2. Provide the right support to our residents to maximise their income and therefore enable them to keep their rent account up to date. Giving targeted support and information to residents affected by welfare reforms and universal credit.
  3. Develop the talent of our staff to ensure high job satisfaction and achieve our ambitions. Maximising people's potential through training and effective management.
  4. HomeFix to become an exemplar in-house repairs service. High customer satisfaction, good turnaround times and lower costs.
  5. Optimise our development programme so that it takes account of our reduced resources following the budget. Continue with multi-tenure development programme and identify a further extra care scheme.
  6. Determine and publicise how best to improve our homes. Improving our property-related data, matching priorities and resources and producing / delivering a modernisation programme.
  7. Deliver housing and support to meet the priority needs of our older residents. Working with councils and others, securing income and reviewing processes where it is most needed.
  8. An operational plan setting out how saving £2.3m is to be achieved through efficiencies and income generation in the revenue budget by 2018/19, retaining a surplus of at least £2m.Increasing income where possible, reducing costs, reviewing services, and identifying value for money savings year by year.

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