Starting a tenancy

Starting a tenancy

Moving In


We want you to enjoy living in your Saxon Weald home.


Here is some useful advice to help you get the most out of your tenancy.


The Saxon Weald Tenants' Guide provides key information on living in and looking after your new home. It also explains your rights and responsibilities as a new tenant.


You can access your account 24/7 by signing up to My SaxonWeald. Our online service enables you to make payments, check your balance, report a repair and more, all at a time and place that suits you. To register for this service, click here.


We'll keep you informed of news and updates from accross the business via our resident newsletter, Spotlight. To stay up to date with immediate news, follow our Facebook and Twitter channels.


When you move in, please remember it's your responsibility to: 

  • take all meter readings
  • redirect your mail with the Post Office 
  • inform your Council Tax office of your change of address
  • update your address with your utility providers (e.g. gas, electricity and water) as well as providers of any benefits you recieve